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Originally from Northern California, Steven was a music prodigy and began his classical piano studies at three years old, with Melva Wheelwright, and continued his training with Dr. Mila Murray, at age five.  He competed in Regional and State Competitions throughout California.  

Sir Wladimar Jan Kochanski became a close friend and mentor to Steven at age twelve, and encouraged him to delve further into Chopin and other composers from the Romantic Era.

After Mila Murray closed her studio after the sudden loss of her husband, Steven began to explore his desire to compose his own original music, rather than continue serving only to increase the teaching pools of his subsequent instructors, whom he felt weren’t challenging him enough to remain in classical studies, endless recitals and competitions.


“I always heard more music than was written, but my teachers were not amused, and punished me each time they heard me insert additional notes I would hear in my head and inevitably end up playing.”  – Steven Marc Trier


Steven began studying all different kinds of music, including Pop, Soul, Funk, Jazz, Opera, Broadway and contemporary songwriting.  Favorite composers included Sammy Cahn, Cole Porter, George Gershwin, Harold Arlen, Prince, Earth, Wind & Fire, The Commodores, The Isley Brothers, Atlantic Starr, Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, Patti LaBelle, The Four Tops, George Michael, Boy George, Sting, Danny Elfman, Elton John, Carole King, Vanity 6, The Family, Shiela E., Celine Dion, Michael Bolton, Stevie Wonder and countless others.

Steven bought Prince’s first album entitled, “For You”and quickly read the album credits on the back, which simply read, “Written, Arranged, Produced & Performed by Prince.” It was at that very moment he decided to set the goal of establishing his own music studio, in which he could create music and play every instrument, by age twenty five.

Steven began composing around age eleven, writing classical pieces he switched out from scheduled pieces to gauge audience reactions when he was a featured performing pianist at local performance venues and regional music events.  He sharpened his writing skills by writing sheet music, on the fly key adaptations and arrangements for brand new, unpublished music from Broadway, Television or Radio for local singers to use as audition material and to earn extra income.  At the encouragement of his mentor, Wladimar Jan Kochanski, Steven pursued composition across all musical genres and was often commissioned to write original material for stage plays, commercials, jingles, birthdays, musical events and performance material for many regional singers and musicians.

After moving to San Francisco, Steven continued his search for working with other music creators.  Eventually, one of Steven’s friends, Photographer Russ Fischella, gave one of Steven’s demo recordings to David Freiberg, (Jefferson Airplane and Quicksilver Messenger Service), and his wife, powerhouse Singer Linda Imperial (Sylvester and Loverde).

Steven apprenticed with David and Linda for many years, working together on different music projects, and eventually culminated in Steven producing the  first original song written by Linda Imperial entitled,“Destination You” which became the title track from Linda’s first album of the same title.  Linda Imperial was signed to a recording contract from the single, “Destination You” which Steven arranged, co-produced and performed all of the instrumentation and programming for.  

In 1994, at age twenty six, Steven and his two business partners, established Aureus Music, Inc., one of the first Independent Recording Labels, Production & Distribution companies in Northern California, located in Greenbrae, CA. (Marin County)

Steven’s dream to be able to solely create and record music had indeed become a reality.   It was during his time spent working at Aureus Music that Steven began to turn his focus away from performing,  to that of being a Music Producer and Composer.


“I had to face the fact there were significantly better performers than me out there, and I gained greater satisfaction by working with those performers in the studio, being able to watch them anonymously in the audience as they sang the hell out of my songs, experiencing real time, raw and honest feedback I would otherwise never known.  It’s intense and exhilarating.”
Steven Marc Trier

Aureus restructured in 1999 and became AUREUS MEDIA | Design & Development, partnering with Designer, Julian Scott (, offering superior web and print graphic design solutions for its clients, including Government Agencies, Property Management Companies, Data & Research Services, Bi-Lingual, Bi-Cultural Education Projects, Electronic Components & Services Corporations and Web Based Commerce Solutions.


Aureus Media expanded its offering of professional services to include: Professional Multimedia Services such as Video Recording, Production and Duplication; Corporate Presentations; CD/DVD-ROM based Media; Software Application Development; Professional Website Design & Development Services; SEO | SEM Services; Brand & Market Services, and Events Management Solutions


A R T I S T  M A N A G E M E N T 

C A N D I C E   B O N D
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